The #MeToo movement has taken the country by a storm with more and more victims of sexual harassment opening up about their ordeal and sharing stories of the horrifying experiences they have had. They are calling out the perpetrators and shaming them in public. Anirban Blah of KWAN Entertainment, one of the leading talent management companies of India with an A-list clientele to boast, was one such accused by as many as four women of sexual misconduct.

After the media coverage, the company issued a statement informing how Anirban was asked to resign from his position and how he will no longer be part of the company he had founded. He also managed Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh foundation, in the wake of the developments, he was fired from there as well. Seems like all this didn’t go down well with Anirban and he was contemplating suicide. He was rescued by the police from Vashi old bridge.

Speaking to The Hindu, a senior police inspector from Vashi Traffic police informed, “We had information about an individual coming towards Vashi bridge to commit suicide. We couldn’t take chance and we laid a trap there in dark.” Anirban was apparently seen climbing the barricades when he was spotted. “He was crying. He seemed very frustrated and depressed. We took him to the police chowki, offered him water and asked his problem to which he said that he was frustrated with the #Metoo allegations on him. He was depressed due to the defamation he and his family faced. He along with nine other partners had founded KWAN and after four girls alleged him of harrasment in #Metoo campaign, he was asked to resign,” Mr Gaikwad said to the paper.

However, he wasn’t charged with attempted suicide, which is a crime, because he claimed to have been taking a walk there. His wife was then informed by the traffic police and then she came to take him home. “The traffic police handed him to us but we haven’t charged him as he has not done any (suicidal) act. He told us that he had come for a walk at the bridge. After his family reached, we handed him over to them,” senior police inspector Anil Deshmukh from Vashi police station informed in the report.

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