James Maslow and Logan Henderson have provided us with music to our ears!

The Big Time Rush guys both dropped new songs this Friday (July 12).

James released the song “Delirious”, while Logan unveiled his new track “Disappear.”

“play it as loud as you can so that your neighbors get a chance to listen to it as well. If they call the cops, then even more people will get to listen! It’s called sharing. Go get em 🤟🏼,” James wrote on Instagram.

“‘Disappear’ is about the feeling of losing yourself in someone to the point you almost disappear. They are a feeling you can’t get enough of, and you’re constantly chasing the high you get from them.” He continued, “You keep replaying certain moments you’ve had in your head, while anticipating the next. You keep wanting more and more, even if it hurts you. When you are completely wrapped up in someone they make you feel everything. Sometimes they can make you feel like you’re nothing,” Logan told PopCrave of his song.

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