Our hearts. Catelynn Lowell broke the big news to her daughter, Nova: She’s going to be a big sister! Watch the adorable promises the toddler makes for her new role, here!

Aww! Catelynn Lowell, 26, announced she was pregnant on Sept. 13, but broke the news to her daughter Novalee, 3, earlier. In a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom OG Season 3 that surfaced on Sept. 14, Catelynn is baking cupcakes with her daughter when she decides to bring the big subject up. “You know why we’re making pink and blue cupcakes?” she asks her toddler, who’s helping her bake. Novalee, who goes by Nova, is stumped, and also doesn’t know why they’re throwing a party the next day. Catelynn doesn’t leave her guessing for long. “Mommy has a baby in her belly,” she reveals. Nova turns around to give her dad Tyler Baltierra, 26, a shocked look. After processing the groundbreaking news, she exclaims, “I need a sister!”

“What if it’s a boy? Would you be happy if you have a little brother too?” Catelynn asks, after her husband makes a mock disappointed face. The reality television star had admitted that her and Tyler are hoping for a boy, she told Us Weekly in an interview published on Sept. 14. In the preview clip, Nova quickly changes her mind, exclaiming “Yeah!” However, she does ask if the baby “goes away.” Although only a toddler, Nova might’ve been referring to her mom’s tragic miscarriage, which Catelynn and Tyler confirmed in the Feb. 26 episode on Season 2. After the parents say the baby won’t go away, Nova switches back to a happier subject: how amazing of a big sister she’ll be! She promises to “walk it” and “feed it bubbles,” and the clip ends on Nova saying the sweetest thing ever. Seriously, it’s so cute, so you must watch the precious moment below!

This will be Nova’s first time having a sibling, after Catelynn and Tyler put up their first child for adoption in 2009. After suffering postpartum depression following Nova’s birth, Catelynn is more prepared than ever this time around. We’ve learned she’s now seeing a therapist and has a “plan,” which we received more details on! “She’s also been keeping more active during this pregnancy because exercise can help reduce the risk of getting postpartum. And she’s told everyone in her life that she needs their help this time around,” a source close to Catelynn EXCLUSIVELY shared with HollywoodLife on Sept. 13. “She’s very committed to asking for that help instead of just shutting down.”

The best moment of the video? When Nova tells her mom to tell the new baby “SHH!” if it cries a lot. Parenting advice of the year!

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