A blast from the past? After Royalty makes up a new song and dances on a step stool in a Christmas onesie, Chris says she’s just like he was at her age. See his spitting image for yourself!

The genes are strong in this one! Whether she ends up looking more like her mom or her dad, one thing is for sure about Royalty Brown, 4 — she’s got Chris Brown‘s stage presence! The “Freaky Friday” rapper shared a hilarious video of his little one performing in a red Christmas onesie, writing, “This little girl IS DAMN NEAR IDENTICAL TO ME when I was her age” along with a bunch of hearts and crying-laughing emojis. You know what that means, right? Since she’s Chris’s mini-me, watching this footage of Royalty making up lyrics and dancing on a step stool in her PJs is basically a blast from the rapper’s past.

And judging by Royalty’s video, Chris must have been such a ham back in the day! His daughter is crazy comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, it even looks like she set a phone up to record her as she danced and sang, considering no one seems to be moving it to keep her face in frame. The little one dances on a step stool using props — a.k.a. a greeting card and her long curls — and sings the entire time. But while there may be music playing in the background, the lyrics coming out of Royalty’s mouth don’t match. She makes them all up as she goes!

“She had something to do,” she sang during one section of the song. “I called her number, and she said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Who?’ Who said, ‘He?’ She said, ‘I guess.’ She said, ‘Click clock, click clock, 5, 6, 7, 8.’ They had a little thing to do. They had to rock and roll.” LOL! Following in her dad’s footsteps for sure.

This little girl IS DAMN NEAR IDENTICAL TO ME when I was her age. ❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Royalty has been all about performing lately — or maybe Chris has just been sharing more than usual. This definitely doesn’t look like a passing phase for his toddler. She’s got so much spunk and personality and clearly belongs in front of the camera.

She’s got singing and dancing in the bag, so if she can act, we’re looking at a triple threat!

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