Chris Brown has a mini-me when it comes to his four-year-old daughter Royalty’s dance moves. Watch her bust it out while copying her dad’s music video for ‘Undecided.’

Royalty Brown is definitely a daddy’s girl when it comes to loving her papa Chris Brown‘s music. He recently dropped the video for his new single “Undecided” and the four year-old is already a big fan. As in most of Breezy’s videos, it’s filled with amazing dance moves by him and in this case Empire‘s Serayah, and Royalty jammed along with it as if she was in the vid herself. The 29-year-old superstar’s mom Joyce Hawkins shared the too cute for words video of granddaughter in front of a kitchen TV screen where “Undecided” was playing and she kept trying to copy her daddy’s moves as she watched along intently.

In the vid, Chris creeps onto the darkened Santa Monica Pier’s Pacific Park at night and thanks to a magic balloon, Serayah appears and the place lights up, rides and all. They have a loving back and forth with their dance routine and kiss at the end. Then Chris is thrust back into the darkened park without his lady or the joyful atmosphere of the rest of the video. While sharing the vid of Royalty on Instagram on Jan. 17, Joyce wrote in the caption “”YASSSSS!!! SHE SAID AT THE END I DON’T WANT DADDY SCARED IM GONNA HOLD HIS HAND!!!! AWWWWW ROYALTY.” How cute is that?! Royalty could sense her papa was scared and alone at the end of the video and wanted to be there to comfort him.

The song is a total banger and is so uplifting, as it samples Shanice‘s 1991 hit “I Love Your Smile.” At the end of the video when Chris and Serayah finally kiss, Royalty adorably held up her hands to her eyes to cover them up cause she did’nt want to see her daddy make out with another woman. What a protective little cutie.

“Undecided” is the first single off Chris’ upcoming album Indigo. He thinks it’s one of his best musical efforts yet, as he teased on Nov. 29, 2018 in an Instagram story, “No cap…This music I got cooking in the oven!!!! After the holidays we getting right to it!” Breezy wrote. He continued, “I promise…never been one to brag, but I’m pushing myself harder and harder to make sure you feel it and it helps you internally.” Well, his daughter certainly is a fan of the album’s first single and its high energy dance vibe.

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