The Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma’s saga seems to continue and to be honest, we are done with it already. After dating on a dating reality show and then having an ugly break up in Bigg Boss, the two estranged lovers had some unfinished business. Resultantly, as soon as Agarwal entered MTV’s Ace Of Space, she started bad mouthing about her ex-boyfriend, Priyank Sharma. The mudslinging was to such an extent that Agarwal even revealed that Sharma is bisexual in nature. After all this drama on National TV, Sharma who was shut during the entire time opened his mouth on social media and wrote an open letter slamming Divya. While we were expecting that we will get to see Divya’s reaction only after she gets out of that house, it seems, the makers have something else in mind.

During a recent task, the houseguests were asked to pick one letter out of the two that arrived for them. Divya had an option of reading a letter from her family and the other one being the open letter. Although Divya chose the first option, the makers wanted to some drama. As a Diwali present, they give Divya the open letter as well. After reading the open letter Divya breaks down.

A little birdie from the show adds that Divya says that Priyank “is the biggest mistake” of her life. “He might be pretty from his face but his heart is black. He spoiled my life like anything, ” she cried out.

On the other hand, Divya’s good friend and her co-contestant Varun Sood lost his calm after reading the letter. He held Divya tightly and blasted on Priyank in front of the cameras.

Sounds like too much of a drama right? Well, if speculations are to be believed Benafsha Soonawaala came in between Priyank and Divya and ruined their relationship.

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