Dua Lipa just won her first ever Grammy, and her reaction was so cute you might tear up.

She won the award for Best Dance Recording for “Electricity,” her song with Mark Ronson and Diplo. It was announced during the pre-show, so she actually found out while she was getting ready for the red carpet.

Dua Lipa is officially a #GRAMMYs winner! pic.twitter.com/CBVR0XCP1U

So adorable!! So sweet! So pure! All the things.

CBS caught her on the red carpet and asked her what it felt like to win. “Crazy, honestly. I keep trying to look after my makeup but it’s watering on the side. I’m so emotional, and so excited, and so thankful. I really have no words to explain how I feel.”

She’s also up for Best New Artist tonight, which is a major award. Good luck, Dua!!

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