Trolling and trolls, unfortunately, have become an inherent part of showbiz. While memes of film posters can be passed in chuckles, it is usually below the belt comments that cross the line and constitute as borderline cyberbullying. However, thanks to social media and its anonymous blanket there is only so much one can do. But while most brush it under the rug, actress Rhea Chakraborty has had enough. Remember the time when she posted a few pictures of herself with her mentor Mahesh Bhatt and got trolled? Yes, she did hit back at naysayers and shut them down in her own way but nothing takes away from the fact it was uncalled for.

Rhea Chakraborty hits back after being trolled for her picture with Mahesh Bhatt

And definitely not from the fact that it does affect one. And she is no different. In an exclusive interview with us, Rhea opened up about the same and confessed that it is sad. When asked how does she keep her cool, she said, “I used to not keep my cool earlier, in fact, it does affect me even now. It’s really sad that someone who is my mentor and a father figure to me, who has helped me become a real person and helped me grow in life unke baare main, unke birthday pe…itna payara photo, uspe yeh sab likhna…It’s sad but iske baare mein soch-soch ke there is no point. You’re just going to add to their psychosis. I wish the trolls spent more time trolling the real issues in the country and the problems that are going on. Put your opinion out there on that.” She also laughed and added, “Kuch kaam waam nahin hai kya?” Watch the video here.

Earlier, she had taken to Instagram and had written, “If the trolls can hurl muck and filth of their minds, which comes out of their depraved souls, then all our claims of having moved away from the dark ages are bogus. Hey guys, don’t you know you see the world AS YOU ARE, not AS IT IS![sic]” Jalebi has released today and the crackling chemistry of Rhea Chakraborty and debutante Varun Mitra as the lead pair is hard to miss. So, are you planning to watch Jalebi this weekend? Let us know, tweet to us @bollywood_life!

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