In the last episode we saw that Shanti Bua gets impressed by Guddan as Guddan pretends to be a strict mother-in-law with her daughter-in-laws. Shanti Bua praises Guddan in front of Akshat. But Guddan finds it difficult to continue with the same drama. Tonight’s episode starts with Shanti Bua asking Guddan about her cooking skills. Guddan gets scared. But still Dadi tells Shanti Bua that Guddan will make Indore’s special dish. Guddan gets very terrified but still pretends to be ready for cooking. By that time Durga and Lakhmi comes there. Durga intervenes in their conversation but Shanti Bua scolds her along with Lakshmi and Saru for daring to sit and talk in front of her mother-in-laws. She asks all of the three daughter-in-laws to sit on the floor and Guddan to sit on the chair as she wants her daughter-in-laws to be under Guddan’s hold. Shanti Bua also asks Durga, Lakshmi and Saru to do serve their mother-in-law Guddan. Durga gets furious with that. Guddan also feels very sad and decides to stop all that. Dadi asks her not to reveal the truth with some gesture. So Guddan gives some other reason for not getting served by her daughter-in-laws.

Shanti Bua again gets impressed with Guddan (Kanika Mann) and calls Guddan as a real Gold. Later Shanti Bua goes for resting. Durga questions Guddan for trying to reveal the truth. But Guddan shares that she cannot see Shanti Bua treating her daughter-in-laws so badly. Dadi tells her that it is not possible to change the thinking of Shanti Bua so she will have to continue the drama. Dadi asks Akshat to ask deliver the dish that Guddan promised to Shanti Bua from the restarunt. Guddan gets upset that she will get credit of what she is not in real. Akshat asks Guddan to look herself in the mirror so that she wil understand the situation. He asks her to prove herself that she will be able to do everything correct. After a while, Guddan serves the food to Shanti Bua who likes the taste of the food a lot. So she praises Guddan by calling her as ‘Annapurna’. Shanti Bua also asks Durga, Saru and Lakshmi to learn from their mother-in-law Guddan. Later, Guddan goes to bring something she forgot to bring. Everyone gets tensed with that.

Guddan brings another thali of food. She also reveals that the earlier thali was brought from Akshat’s hotel and the next one is the food made by her. Shanti Bua gets very irked to see the food made by Guddan. Guddan keeps on explaining that she is not at a good cook and she is yet to learn many things about cooking. Shanti Bua gets very furious to know Guddan’s reality. Guddan keeps on explaining that she cannot be a strict mother-in-law for her daughter-in-laws. She also explains that she want to earn respect from her daughter-in-laws by being friendly with them. Shanti Bua throws the thali of food away in anger. All get very terrified to see that. She bursts with anger on Guddan for doing the drama and taking her daughter-in-laws in the same. Guddan tries to make Shanti Bua calm but Shanti Bua listens to Guddan’s philosophy of relations. Guddan smartly and coolly explains Shanti Bua that being friendly with the family members is not a tough job. Shanti Bua dares Guddan to prove herself as the best youngest mother-in-law and till then she will not leave from Jindal house. All get tensed to know that. Will Guddan be able to prove herself? Stay tuned to Bollywoodlife for more updates.

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