HyunA and E’Dawn’s careers may be safe! Their label released a statement saying they have NOT been dropped — at least for now. Find out what happened, here.

HyunA and E’Dawn fans and shippers, you can breathe easy. The two K-pop stars’ label, Cube Entertainment, has backtracked and said that they haven’t actually decided to drop them! Though Cube Entertainment previously said they wouldn’t be working with the Triple H members after they confirmed their secret relationship, a new statement reveals that may not be true anymore:

“HyunA and E’Dawn’s removal from the agency is a matter that is still being discussed and nothing is finalized,” Shin Dae Nam, the head of Cube Entertainment, said in a statement. “We believe that the artists’ opinion on the matter is important as well, and this is a matter in which we need to hear from them before making a final decision. Their removal is not a decided matter. We will be holding a board of directors meeting next week to discuss this matter.”

So, while there’s still a chance that the couple could be dropped from their label, it’s not happening anytime soon. Yay! That is such a relief! Cube Entertainment said in a previous statement that they decided to drop HyunA and E’Dawn because they no longer had “faith” in the two members of trio Triple H after they hid their relationship. The announcement came just about a month after they announced publicly that they’re dating.

Even more shocking? The couple revealed that they didn’t even know that their label dropped them! They apparently found out from the press like everyone else, according to a report from Ilgan Sports! Hopefully, Cube updates them about the status of their contracts this time so they don’t find out from this article!

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