Although Iggy Azalea has denied ever dating, she’s not shy about opening up about the chemistry they have. Here’s what she had to say about him in her latest interview.

Iggy Azalea is still insistent that she and Tyga never had a romantic relationship, but that didn’t stop her from gushing over him in a new interview on Aug. 21. “He’s just always been a reoccurring person in my life and we always have this creative energy, where we play each other songs and give each other opinions,” she told BUILD. “It always seemed like we were meant to collaborate and we just hadn’t.” Of course, Iggy and Tyga finally got together on the track, “Cream,” earlier this year, but she admitted that he had been pestering her to work with him on it for “years” before that.

“He kept telling people that I know that he had a song idea for me and him and I was like…uh he’s lying. No he doesn’t. He just wants to be around me,” she laughed. “But he really did have a song idea!” She added that she and Tyga “have a great time together” and that she “really likes” working with him. “I really enjoyed our vibe in the studio,” Iggy revealed. “We stayed in there enough [time] that people thought we had some sort of romance going on. I hope do to more collaborations with him. I think we work and our energies and sound kind of work.” When the host described their relationship as having “platonic chemistry,” Iggy wholeheartedly agreed.

The Australian rapper also explained that the reason she feels so connected to Tyga is because they both sort of rose to fame around the same time. “I’ve only known maybe two or three people in these shoes, where you know someone before you have any sort of fame or notoriety and they don’t either, and you kind of experience or go through something together,” she said. “It’s almost like walking through the fire. They experience it and you have, too. There’s [only] a few people who understand what life was like before and what life is like after.”

Although Iggy is clearly down to just be friends with Tyga, her interview made it seem like he might be interested in something more. She revealed that he remembers exactly what she was wearing on the day they met years ago, and that he’s the one who’s always been so insistent on them working together. Perhaps one day this friendship will turn into something romantic!

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