Sarkar director A.R. Murugadoss, who is usually the most composed personality in Kollywood, lost his cool today and warned his cast and crew members against giving interviews and snippets to media about the film. Murugadoss took to Twitter and posted a message in which he clearly warned everyone and asked them not to indulge in such practices any longer. This is a result of multiple pictures getting leaked from the shooting spots of Sarkar which have gone viral. Many junior artists who have worked in Sarkar in supporting roles have been giving out snippets to few media outlets which is washing away the surprise element in the film. And A.R. Murugadoss seemed in no mood to let this continue and vented his angst out in just one tweet. “So many people have put their hardwork for the making of this movie. Despite, there are many interviews by Junior artists, which is unethical. In the future, strict legal actions will be taken against people who give interviews without our consent[sic],” Murugadoss tweeted earlier today.

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Few months ago, a video from the shooting spot of Sarkar had gotten leaked in which lead actor Vijay was seen in the look of his character in the film. Few pictures too have leaked in which huge posters of actor Radha Ravi were seen in the look of a politician hinting that the film will have him playing the Chief Minister. This has caused a lot of damage to the makers of Sarkar and the director decided to take things in his own hands. It is being speculated that Sarkar will have Vijay playing a vigilante and these are based on these leaked pictures and videos from the shooting spot of the film.

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