Nepal Manto’s younger daughter was expecting her father this week. He had been saving for her wedding, which was to take place later in the week, and was to head home to Begusarai in Bihar, his relatives said on Monday.

But Manto won’t be at her wedding.

He was one of two people who died in Sunday night’s fire at a firecracker warehouse in Kadipur industrial area. He had been working there as a security guard for 20 years.

Manto was the sole breadwinner in his family, which includes his wife, two daughters and three sons, who live in Begusarai. He lived in a rented accommodation in Kadipur along with four other daily wage earners.

His eldest daughter was already married, and Nepal’s other daughter, the second of the five siblings, was due to be married when he returned home. His three sons are still in school.

The family is now unsure if there will be a wedding at all.

“My brother-in-law had booked tickets for Begusarai later this week to get his daughter married. Everyone back home had started making arrangements for the marriage. We are uncertain what will be done about her wedding now,” Dileep Manto, Nepal’s brother-in-law, said.

According to Dileep, it was agreed with the groom’s family that Nepal’s daughter will get married on the day he reached Begusarai.

“An acquaintance in the family informed us about the death. His body had been taken to a private hospital in Sector 43. It is charred beyond recognition. I don’t know how I will show the body to his wife and children,” said Dileep who lives near the warehouse.

On early Monday morning, Dileep informed officials at the site that the fire could not been caused by an LPG cylinder used to cook, as was being speculated.

“I informed the officials from the fire department and Gurugram police that my brother-in-law and the workers at the warehouse got tea and their meals from a nearby eatery. They did not cook anything at the establishment,” he said.

After examining the site, officials have ruled out the possibility of the LPG cylinder causing the fire and, based on evidence collected from the site and statements of the injured, suspect the blaze was caused due to loading firecrackers in the presence of highly combustible snow sprays.

First Published:
Apr 16, 2019 05:28 IST

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