Nothing was visible for the first few minutes after an overbridge near Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus collapsed on Thursday evening, according to witnesses and immediate rescuers.

Imran Khan (30), a driver at The Times of India situated nearby, recounted that there was dust everywhere.

“We heard a loud sound and rushed near the bridge. For the first two minutes, we could not see anything as there was dust everywhere. Few minutes later, we saw nearly 15 people severely injured after having fallen from the bridge,” Khan said.

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Mohommad Akhtar Ansari (39), a taxi driver, said he was taking a lady passenger from Churchgate to Mahim. A slab of the bridge collapsed and damaged the front portion of the vehicle. Both had a lucky escape as they managed to get back safely.

“I was on the road towards JJ flyover when the bridge collapsed. Fortunately, there were no cars on this side of the road since the traffic signal light opposite CST station was red,” Ansari said.

Watch: Foot overbridge collapses near CST in Mumbai, many injured

Another eyewitness said the overbridge was being used despite repairs being carried out this morning, the news agency reported.

One of the injured, 23-year-old Rajesh Das, a resident of Byculla, was walking on the bridge when it collapsed causing a fracture in his right hand and other injuries.

“I work at Zaveri Bazar and after work, I was coming to CST to catch a train to my hometown in Kolkata. Around 7.30 pm, when I was on the bridge, it came crashing down. Fortunately I didn’t lose consciousness and with the assistance of people who came to help me, I called my brother,” Das said. He was shifted to St George Hospital.

Khan said he and his friends took 4 people to GT hospital, about a kilometre from the site of the incident.

“I saw three women on the road who were completely unresponsive and took them to the hospital,” he said.

Five persons died and 32 were injured in the overbridge collapse. Police said Apoorva Prabhu (35), Ranjana Tambe (40), Zahid Shiraj Khan (32), Bhakti Shinde (40) and Tapendra Singh (35) have been identified as the deceased.

The incident took place during the evening rush hour, around 7.30pm. Some motorists who were passing beneath the bridge when it came down, news agency PTI quoted an official as saying.

“There were more than 20 people on the overbridge when a part of it collapsed. I saw one person who was crying for help and took him to GT hospital. He was a worker at the Metro construction site near Azad Maidan,” Lahu Kurhade, another eyewitness, said.

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Mar 14, 2019 21:01 IST

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