An all-party meeting regarding election expenditure was held here on Friday. Political parties were advised that candidates cannot spend beyond ₹ 70 lakh for the elections. However, there is no cap on spending by political parties.

District Election Officer Rohini R. Bhajibhakare said that candidates must maintain a separate bank account for election spending and they are not allowed to spend beyond ₹70 lakh. All political meetings, functions conducted in the candidates’ name will be calculated under their election expenditure.

A break-up of charges of items used for elections was also distributed to the party representatives.

As on Friday, the various surveillance teams in the district have seized ₹23,24,700 in unaccounted cash, 15 kg silver and 222.42 kg Zinc.

Ms. Rohini said that 169 anti-social elements have been arrested from vulnerable polling booth areas as a preventive measure.

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