They must ensure that drunk revellers reach home safely

The management of pubs and other organisers of New Year party have to take the responsibility of ensuring that the drunk revellers reach home safely, said Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar.

“It is the responsibility of the management of pubs and bars to provide drivers or cabs to customers, so that a drunk person reaches home safely,” he said.

Mr. Kumar, who held a meeting with the representatives of star hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants here, instructed them to adhere to the guidelines and wind up the celebrations by 1 a.m. on the New Year day.

The City Police Commissioner directed the organisers not to serve liquor to minors and they should not be permitted in programmes being organised for couples and in pubs and bars.

The organisers must ensure that CCTV cameras with recording feature are installed at all entry and exit points of the respective establishments and also at the parking place, he said. They have also been directed to have adequate security guards inside their establishment and must also ensure that there is no ‘obscenity’ and ‘nudity’ in performance.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Mr Kumar said that sound levels must be maintained at a maximum of 45 decibels and should not allow any person with firearms inside the venue. “Strict action will be taken against the hotel/pub/club/bar management if anyone is found taking drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances. If management fails in prevention, it will lead to culpability,” Mr Kumar said.

The party organisers should pay special attention to parking areas and other places where drugs are clandestinely sold.

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