If the Election Commission has its way, the cost of biryani, the favourite food item for the Telanganites, will come down. Of course, this reduction is not for hotels and restaurants, but only for the candidates who have to spend huge money on supplying food to their party workers during the electioneering.

Telangana chief electoral officer Rajat Kumar has proposed to the political parties that the cost of mutton biryani would be reduced from Rs 170 to Rs 140; that of chicken biryani from Rs 140 to Rs 120 per plate.

While the cost of a plate of lemon rise was brought down from Rs 40 to Rs 30, the cost of vegetarian meals, however, would go up from Rs 45 to Rs 60 a plate. The cost of other eateries like Idli and Vada and beverages like tea and coffee was also proposed to be reduced.

All this is to curtail the election expenditure of candidates, since money spent on food is also accounted for by the EC. The political parties are seeking further reduction in prices of food items.

First Published: Nov 01, 2018 16:11 IST

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