Author Srishti Chaudhary’s Once Upon A Curfew is an engaging,light-hearted read packed with strong characters that keeps the reader hooked to the story.

The tale revolves around Indu who has become heir to a flat from her granny which she plans to turns into a library while her fiance, Rajat, who is pursuing his studies in London. Meanwhile, she meets a man who helps her set the library and eventually starts to fall for him. Adding a dash of Bollywood to the plot, both go on a movie dates to watch yesteryear superstar Rajesh Khanna’s films.

As the tale is set against in the 70’s when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, Emergency is declared and soon it’s a bit of haywire for Indu as she needs to decide what she will do further. All in all, the book talks about several topics including the political scenario in the 70’s, the Bollywood craze and most of all support issues like women empowerment, attachment and solitude.

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First Published:
Jul 11, 2019 17:26 IST

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