EastEnders aired a dark drugs twist for troubled Keegan Baker tonight (November 8) when he crossed paths with Jagger.

Keegan (Zack Morris) made a worrying move that he is bound to regret when he took a batch of drugs from the dangerous dealer, still struggling to cope in the wake of recent events.

Viewers saw Keegan take centre stage in one of last week’s grisly Halloween stories, when his grief for best friend Shakil Kazemi tipped him over the edge.

Unable to control his anger any longer, Keegan decided to avenge the young vandal who had defaced Shakil’s poster – with shocking consequences that left him believing he’d killed the boy.

As it later transpired, Keegan hadn’t committed murder and it was all part of Carmel’s plan to teach him a valuable lesson about knife crime.

But with Keegan continuing to struggle in the aftermath of everything that’s happened, Jagger was quick to pick up on his vulnerability when he bumped into him in McKlunky’s and offered him some drugs for free.

Despite initially refusing Jagger’s offer, Keegan soon found himself accepting – not realising that Tiffany had spotted everything.

However, given Jagger’s history with both the Taylor family and Tiffany, it’s clear that Keegan could have made a very big mistake here. What does Jagger want in return? And what will it mean for Keegan?

EastEnders continues tomorrow night (November 9) at 8pm on BBC One.

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