After poor Alfie Nightingale heard who he thought was Mac speaking to him on the phone, he needed to know the truth and ran off to the hospital.

There he was followed by Yazz, who discovered Mac was walking around his hospital bed, wide awake and talking.

James is less than pleased to discover his father is awake, but is shocked when Mac says he wants them all to be a family again and tried to convince the group that he should be given a second chance.

James and Marnie decide they must not let Ellie know that Mac is awake, as she prepares to head off for her trip.

Meanwhile, DS Cassidy bumps into Russ and Mercedes at The Bean, and reports there has still been no arrest for Carl’s death.

The police officer plants doubt in Russ’ mind about Mercedes, implying he should doubt his soon to be wife.

Russ is worried by the number of Mercedes’ partners who have died, and can’t help but think maybe she’s hiding a serial killing desire.

Also tonight, Holly needs to tell Cindy she is planning to go on the trip with Ellie.

She doesn’t want to abandon her mum so, to soften the blow, she leaves clothes and mess around the house to annoy Cindy.

It doesn’t massively work so in the end, Holly just admits her plans, which Cindy seems to take well.

But later Cindy is seen texting someone about Holly’s plans – does she have a plot to stop the trip?

Hollyoaks airs tonight at 7pm on E4.

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