Kingfisher model and Mrs India contest winner Shilpa Reddy is known for her hottest looks while her fashion creations are a hot cake among celebs. And this hottie, who is nearing her 40s has now stunned onlookers once again.

Riding an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), Shilpa is seen drifting it in the mud in a circular motion before a lot of mud actually got flapped against her own skin. One wonders if the ATV riding is the fun or the flapping mud is kind of therapy for all the different types of things these hotties usually resort to.

While the dirty look of the popular model and fashion designer is surely drool worthy, this hottest aunty of Hyderabad should also realise another side of it. Recently a Telugu NRI from the USA has tumbled from an ATV after it got reversed and the lack of helmet along with body gear caused him instant death.

Take care of yourself by wearing a preventive body suit and headgear Shilpa!!

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