Comedian Russell Howard has revealed that he literally fought off death for the ‘Live Forever’ segment on his new show The Russell Howard Hour.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Howard explained how he’s terrified of dying, so he thought it would be a good idea for him and some of his mates to try out new tricks that could supposedly help them live forever.

One such method is cryotherapy, which Howard said he’s been indulging in since filming the Sky One series. And while it could potentially kill you, the comedian claims you come out of it feeling like Superman.

“Cryotherapy, I’ve started doing that once a week,” he said. “You sit in a capsule at minus 160 degrees. You stand in there for 3 minutes and your body goes into a fight or flight mode because it thinks it’s dying but then you come out and you feel absolutely amazing. Incredible.

“There’s a place in London I go to. You’re in a capsule and they talk to you all the way through it, you’re literally dying. The idea is you produce extra blood cells because your body is fighting off death and you come out feeling like Superman.”

Russell recently announced he is going on tour again for his biggest show ever with ‘Respite’.

Revealing the topics he’s going to be discussing, he said: “Gambling, harassment, cultural appropriation, body image and loads of other big heavy topics that I’m trying to make funny, thus far it’s working.

“I want to pick up from where the TV show is, and where my last stand-up tour was and talk about things that I really care about. It’s really exciting. It’s not your standard arena tour material.”

Tickets for Russell’s world tour ‘Respite’ are on sale here. Series 2 of The Russell Howard Hour launches tonight (November 8) at 10pm on Sky One.

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