From one New York apartment to another, Friends‘ David Schwimmer has finally turned up in Will & Grace season 10, guest starring as Noah, the ‘Westside Curmudgeon’.

Dubbed ‘angry Ross’ by fans, Noah hates and makes fun of everything. Grace and Will love him for it, until he makes fun of Grace online.

“I already love David Schwimmer as Noah he’s angry Ross and I love it,” wrote one fan.

Another shared: “And angry Ross was always my favorite Ross so this guest spot by David Schwimmer is a delight.”

“LIVING for david schwimmer on will & grace this is what the legacy of ross geller deserves,” a third tweeted.

Schwimmer’s return to TV marks his first major comedy role since he played Ross Geller – and it’s not just a one-off appearance either.

It’s reported that David will play Grace’s new love interest in the rebooted sitcom, starring in no less than five episodes of the new season.

Joining Schwimmer in Will & Grace will be former Chelsea host Chelsea Handler, who will be playing “high-powered lesbian” Donna Zimmer. Love is clearly in the air this new season, as Donna will be dating Grace’s sister Janet (Mary McCormack).

Will & Grace returned to NBC on Thursday, October 4 in the US. There’s no word yet on when season 10 will air in the UK.

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