Antiques Roadshow: Guests ‘stunned’ by value of Churchill treasures

Theo Burrell enjoyed seeing the Barbie movie at the cinema on Monday, as she shared how her ongoing fatigue is affecting her day-to-day life while battling cancer.

The Antiques Roadshow star admitted it has been “difficult to accept” that things have changed after being told last month she only has 24 months left to live after being diagnosed with incurable cancer.

On her Instagram page, Theo shared a photo of herself inside a life-sized Barbie doll box at an Everyman cinema, in view of her 523 followers.

She typed: “Monday was a trip to #everymancinema to see #barbie which was a lot of fun!

“The last week has been busy for me and truth be told, I’m still in bed. The fatigue is extremely real, and I’m constantly thinking I can manage more than is realistic.

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“It’s taking me quite a lot of time to accept that things have changed.

“The ‘new normal’ is definitely a slower-paced life. But make no mistake, this is not a moan. I’m extremely pleased I’m still here, even if I am in sloth mode!”

In response, her followers said: “The fatigue is definitely real…I was guilty of trying to push though and doing too much too quick only to learn that this was one of my main seizure triggers.

“I’ve now learned to be kind to myself and do what I can even if it’s sloth mode.”

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While another commented: “Nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of sloth mode!”

Theo was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour at the age of 35.

The Scottish antiques expert received the heartbreaking news just one year after the birth of her first child.

She said in a post on social media: “Receiving my diagnosis, at the age of 35, when my son was just one year old, was devastating. Overnight everything had changed.

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“Suddenly I’d gone from being a healthy person in the middle of my life with a new baby to having incurable cancer with maybe one or two years left to live.”

Since her diagnosis last year, Theo has undergone surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to keep the cancer under control.

Devastatingly, she has been told that it will return.

Theo continued: “Although I continue to make the best of each day, my tumour will return and it will kill me. My care has been excellent and new advances in science have helped me so far.

“However, only by funding research into brain cancer can we get closer to a life-saving cure.”

She has now decided to “do something positive” and will run an auction in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity.

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