Barack and Michelle Obama Didn’t Hold Back During the Concert

Barack and Michelle Obama were recently spotted dancing their hearts out, like the wonderful humans they are, because good things can still happen in 2018, y’all. The former president and first lady went out for date night on July 28, and they made a casual stop by Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s On the Run II tour. You know, to support the underground, unknown artists.

While this isn’t the first time Michelle’s seen her pals Bey and Jay in concert, I’m sure glad she brought along her partner in crime this time. My parents Michelle and Barack let loose during the show in Washington D.C. and gave surrounding fans a taste of what a real dance party looks like. Concert attendees weren’t expecting to see four icons in one night, so the social media craze that ensued is pretty much par for the course. During and after the show, multiple videos surfaced of Barack and Michelle living their best lives, and we’ve rounded them up ahead.

Where were you when you saw our 44th president mouth “that sh*t cray” directly into a camera? Write that place down, it’s important now.

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