Betty White’s fans freaked out when the 96-year-old’s name started trending on Twitter. People worried that our favorite Golden Girl had died. Once fans realized she’s still with us, the memes that followed were amazing.

Betty White’s name started trending on Twitter on July 31, sparking panic among her millions of fans. Thankfully our favorite Golden Girl is still alive and well, but at 96, it’s understandable that people would fear that she’d go at any time. So, when people saw her name in Twitter’s list of trends fans assumed the worst. But a quick Google search delivered good news. PBS tweeting about its upcoming documentary about the star – Betty White: First Lady of Television – prompted the trend. Phew!

Of course, with that mystery solved Betty’s fans took to Twitter to express their relief and the GIFs, memes and tweets that followed were the stuff of internet legend. Writer Charlotte Clymer tweeted, “This is probably the third time I’ve had a heart attack seeing Betty White trend and assuming it was for the wrong reason. I would donate a kidney if it meant Betty White outlives Trump.” Another relieved fan wrote, “Every time I see Betty White trending, I have to take a deep breath before I click to see why.” Yet another fan saw the funny side of things by sharing a news alert, writing, “BREAKING: At age 96, actress Betty White, known for her role as Rose Nylund on Golden Girls, woke up peacefully in her Los Angeles home this morning.”

For those people still recovering from their heart attacks after fearing the worst about our Betty, we’ve got even better news for you. The actress is not only still with us, she has no plans to retire. Steven J. Boettcher – who co-directed the PBS documentary – told Closer Weekly in a July 26 article, according to Page Six, “She told me, ‘I’m going to be in the saddle forever.’”

Betty White: First Lady of Television premieres on Aug. 21. In the meantime, if you’re still hyperventilating over fears she may have passed away, repeat this mantra we spotted on Twitter, “Betty White is fine.” Thank God!

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