The Bigg Boss 14 World Tour task saw Rahul Vaidya pulling a bag from Jasmin Bhasin who accused him of physically intimidating her. Rahul says he has played fair enough and viewers are watching. Jasmin cries and howls over Rahul’s words that she felt he tried to intimidate her. An upset Jasmin hurls water at Rahul who is in the red zone. Jasmin’s actions angers Rahul and he tries to hurl water at her but Nishant stops him.

Jasmin continues to rant against Rahul and Rubina supports her. Jasmin calls Rahul a person with a sick mindset but Rahul remains unperturbed. Rahul tries to justify himself and stands his ground when Abhinav and Naina try to make him feel guilty of his actions.

After a while, Rahul sits with Nikki and sheds tears thinking why people are turning him into a bad person. Nikki consoles him saying he doesn’t need to pay attention to what people are saying about him. He tells Nikki that she is the only person whom he talks and expresses his feelings to.

However, Jasmin continues to call Rahul an ill-mannered person. Rubina and Jasmin bring the gender differences into the argument which doesn’t go down well with Rahul. He slams them for using the gender topic at their own convenience. And it looks like Rahul’s stand against Jasmin has impressed the viewers along with former Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi.

Tweeting in support of Rahul, Kamya said, “#Rahul u r not wrong at all, #Jasmin n gang r over reacting or maybe harr handle nahi kar paa rahe hai! Also yeh log kya baat baat par Aurat aur Mard ke gyan baatna shuru kar dete hai Pouting face Aurat aurat aurat karke aurat hi aurat ko kamzor banati aur dikhati hai #BB14.”

And viewers too felt that Jasmin overreacted and called her a sour loser. Take a look.

On the other hand, Eijaz Khan too tried to explain Jasmin that if it would have been him, he would have also told her to step away since she might get hurt. As the task proceeded, Rahul and Jaan managed to take the bag away from Shardul and Kavita Kaushik.

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