In the last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, We saw contestants participating in the shark attack task. The task required contestants to grab a seat in a boat, However, there were only 5 seats in the boat and 6 contestants were fighting for the race to the finale. Ejaz Khan was the Sanchalak as he is the first contestant to reach the finale. In the task, we saw Kavita Kaushik losing out, and hence, she was asked to convince other housemates to give up a seat. However, she was seen putting not enough effort. Ejaz pointed it out but she argued with him. We saw Rahul and Rubina asking her to try and convince them to give up their seats but Kavita did not budge.

Prior to this, we had seen Kavita pointing it out to Nikki Tamboli that Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik are frustrated and looking for a chance to quarrel because they expected her to get eliminated. Kavita says that Abhinav is looking for an opportunity to fight with her. This is because of Kavita Kaushik’s remarks on Abhinav’s personality and the husband and wife equation. Kavita had pointed out in the elimination task whether they used their divorce statement to get ahead in the show and this did not sit well with Rubina and Abhinav.

Later when Big Boss lashed out at contestants for sleeping, yawning, sitting like mannequins in the house. He called out for the laid back behavior and non-competitive spirit towards the game. He then opened the door and asked the contestants lacking the passion to get out of the house. Rubina, Nikki get into an argument and Kavita joins. Both women say things they shouldn’t have and have a nasty showdown. Kavita accuses Rubina of suppressing her husband’s spirit and threatens to reveal some personal things. Rubina on the other hand calls her standard less and worthless. Now, the question is Do you think Kavita was purposely provocating Rubina and Abhinav to fight with her? Vote below:

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