Bigg Boss 14 will begin from October and the makers held a live virtual conference yesterday. During the conference, Salman Khan shared the pictures of the new house. However, this season is different and yesterday, the makers introduced the first contestant of the season. Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan Sanu was introduced as the first contestant of the season. However, this was not liked by former contestant Sofia Hayat. She has been in the news for various controversies and has linked Jaan Sanu’s entry to the on-going nepotism debate. She has said that nepotism who took Sushant Singh Rajput and Bigg Boss 14 is promoting nepotism and hence has asked fans to ban this season of the show. She posted a video on Instagram about the same.

She said, “I am sure all must have heard the name of Jaanu Saanu who has just been announced as the Bigg Boss house contestant. He is Kumar Sanu’s son, who is again a star child. And with that I am personally very disappointed. Because in the last few months we have seen the whole case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s play out in front of our eyes in the media. A young life was lost due to the industry’s mistreatment. A mistreatment to the people who are not born in star families. Now, Bigg Boss has no regard for what’s happening in India. India has stood up to support Sushant Singh Rajput. We all feel deeply his suicide is for no reason except nepotism. And Bigg Boss continues to play out the old story. You would remember when I was in Bigg Boss I was badly treated. I represented all the women in India who have been abused and not heard. Sushant Singh Rajput represents everybody who has been a victim of nepotism. His and others’ voices have been a waste of time? Aap log decide kar sakte ho Sushant Singh Rajput ki maut kiske liye hai? Agar aap Sushant Singh Rajput ke saath ho then you will break up with Bigg Boss. Bollywood is not about star children its about you. You control Bollywood nobody else does. You choose what you have to watch on television so you are the one who choose what becomes popular.”

She said that Bigg Boss must feel shameful for promoting nepotism. “Bigg Boss ko sharm aani chahiye ki wo pehla guest introduce karte hain Jaan Sanu who is another star kid. Let’s take nepotism out of the industry. Do not let Sushant Singh Rajput’s death be for nothing. You make all the difference. Boycott Bigg Boss and end nepotism. India has evolved and progressed but shows like Bigg Boss are keeping you in lower vibration of state. Now, show the power of Boycott Bigg Boss and then they will see the boss is the viewer, “she ended.

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