Bigg Boss 14 has seen one helluva proposal. It was Rahul Vaidya who on the occasion of Disha Parmar’s birthday said on national TV that he wanted to marry her. He said that there is a girl in his life since two years, and she is the best ever for him. He said he would like to marry her and even went down on his knees. A video of Disha Parmar blushing from her birthday celebrations also went viral. Rahul Vaidya has said that he is worried how Disha will take it in the outside world. Salman Khan teased him saying that she has gone for a vacation to Thailand.

In a video that has been shared on Voot Unseen, we can see Rahul Vaidya telling the cameras that he is impatient for a reply from Disha Parmar. Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni are looking at him. He says Disha Parmar there won’t be a more family-oriented man than him. Rahul Vaidya is heard saying that he has just three priorities in life. He says he wants to do good work, be a good husband and the best possible dad for his kids. He tells Disha to come and say yes fast with a hug and kiss.

Disha Parmar was last seen on the show, Woh Apna Sa. The dreamy proposal was one of the highlights of the season. Rahul Vaidya and she did a music video together. Do we see Disha Parmar on the show soon? We have to wait and watch what happens!

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