Bigg Boss 14 is turning out be interesting now. Earlier, the contestants played a safe but now they are going all out to win it. The equations in the house have started changing now. Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin had been the best friends in the house. They have stayed together and even sacrificed for each other. Their friendship has been the most talked about this season. Everyone adored their true friendship in the house. However, post Aly entered we are seeing some changes in this strong bond. Tonight, we will see them standing against each other to win the chance to become the captain of the house. As per the promo, the house will be divided into two teams. One team consists of Jasmin, Aly, Nikki, and Rahul. The other team will have Rubina, Abhinav, Eijaz, and Pavitra.

Jasmin and Rubina will play sisters, who want to divide their ancestral property and are fighting for the same. So it will be Jasmin Vs Rubina in Bigg Boss 14 today. Kavita will be the head of the panchayat who will decide which property will go to which sister. The two will first fight to capture the kitchen area. Kavita will ask both of them to tell her why the other person does not deserve to get the kitchen. Jasmin accuses Rubina of not agreeing to make food just because of having a fight with Kavita. She says that one should not remove their anger on food and not feed others also. Jasmin will point out she deserves the kitchen as Rubina tries to create fights over kitchen duties always. Rubina hits back saying Jasmin is faking. She tells Kavita that earlier Jasmin and Aly had decided to ruin her captaincy. Rubina tries hard to convince Kavita but fails. Kavita decides to give the kitchen to Jasmin.

Later, Eijaz enters the kitchen which is not his team’s property and Nikki asks him to leave. This does not go well with him and Pavitra who began arguing with Nikki Tamboli. It will be interesting to watch who will be the new captain.

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