We saw how the Bigg Boss 14 contestants from the red zone tried to snatch the bags from the contestants in the green zone. While the task almost went physical along with Jasmin Bhasin accusing Rahul Vaidya of physically intimidating her, things are going to change unexpectedly in the house.

Rahul says he has played fair enough and viewers are watching. Jasmin cries and howls over Rahul’s words that she felt he tried to intimidate her. Jasmin continues to rant against Rahul and Rubina Dilaik supports her.

Jasmin calls Rahul a person with a sick mindset but Rahul remains unperturbed. Rubina and Jasmin bring the topic of gender differences into the argument which doesn’t go down well with Rahul. He slams them for using the gender topic at their own convenience.

But the question that arises here is: Was it right or wrong to bring the subject of gender differences in a competitive space where men and women are given rights to win a task? And since the views can differ from person to person, we have decided to conduct a poll to know what viewers think about the topic that has been touched upon in the Bigg Boss 14 house.

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