Bigg Boss 14 is getting interesting day-by-day as contestants are slowly and gradually coming out of their shell and showing their true personalities when it comes to being at the top of the game. Just last night, we saw major fights taking place between contestants over a lot of issues. They fought over chopping veggies in the kitchen, they fought when Nikki’s confirmed status was in jeopardy and later on, they fought when Nikki was angry with her friends for not making her see reason as she hurt the sentiments of people on the show during the tasks.

Rubina Dilaik and Pavitra Punia also had a clash. It so happened that Pavitra was of opinion that when a person (in this case Nikki) admitted her mistake, she should be given a chance and hence her confirmed status should not be snatched away. Rubina Dilaik engaged in a war of words saying that if she repents it so much she could earn it back when she learns her lesson. She indirectly called Pavitra dual-faced. And when Pavitra was talking to Abhinav, she intervened as well.

This reminds us of the time when Pavitra had expressed her desire to date, Abhinav Shukla. So, this took place a couple of days back in an unseen undekha video. So, Jasmin Bhasin, Pavitra and Rubina were sitting in the lawn area when the former revealed that Pavitra won’t mind going on a date with Abhinav. Pavitra had explained that they were talking about all the men inside the house and when Abhinav’s name cropped up, Pavitra was like yeah, I won’t mind.

Rubina, on the other hand, was okay with her opinion and added that Abhinav is a very interesting person. Pavitra had said saying that she found Abhinav intelligent and would hence have a balanced conversation with him. She added that had he not been married, she would have loved to go out on a date with him. Well, well, how tables have turned.

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