Bigg Boss 14 is seeing the entry of three wildcards tonight. One of them is Shardul Pandit. While Kavita Kaushik is known for her show, FIR, Naina Singh has been on MTV Splitsvilla. The other name is Shardul Pandit. He is known for his TV shows Kuldeepak, Siddhi Vinayak and Bandini. The actor had a chat with BollywoodLife before he entered the show. In our exclusive chat, he spoke about a few things that included his depression, financial woes and inspiration.

You have been brave enough to talk about your issues with mental health. Eijaz Khan has already spoken about it.
Yes, when I spoke about it, he did reach out to me. He got my number from someone and praised me for being forthright. I feel people need to be more vocal. The kind of stigma around mental health needs to end.

Don’t you feel that Bigg Boss is a very stressful show…
No…I feel it is a great platform to reach out to the audience. Bigg Boss is a complete package of entertainment. I want to use the platform in the best manner.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to Bigg Boss?
I have many favourites. Last year, Sidharth Shukla played a phenomenal game. He showed all shades of his personality and was a real dhamaka entertainer. I loved how Gauahar Khan played in her season. She is the perfect mix of intelligence, maturity and grace. Vikas Gupta is another player I liked. He would turn the game around with his planning. I just want to entertain the viewers.

People invest a lot in their social media before entering the house. What is your preparation?
I have no such preparation. Honestly, I do not have the money right now. But I feel that is not a deterrent. I feel if people like me, I will build my base. My friends have helped me out with my clothes and all. I am not ashamed to say this. I have only a few thousands in my bank right now. But I feel every artiste needs to have his confidence not matter what is the situation. That is what matters. My friends are helping out in whatever way they can.

You have been quite candid…
Yes, I feel there is negative perception around actors. People feel they have all the wealth, clothes, PR and what not. But acting is a seasonal job. Everyone entering here should get a proper educational qualification to back himself up in times of need. Actors survive through tough times like everyone else.

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