Taylor Swift’s song “Gorgeous” may be a love anthem for a lot of her fans, but for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, it has an extra special (and extra cute) significance. Their oldest daughter, James Reynolds, is featured as the child’s voice in the very beginning of the song, basically making her a recorded artist before the age of three. Oh, yeah, same.

The proud friends (and parents) joined pal Gigi Hadid for Taylor’s concert on July 28 in Massachusetts and had their phones in hand to record the iconic song. Once they heard the familiar “Gorgeous!” at the opening, both Ryan and Blake couldn’t help but lose their sh*t at the sound of James’s voice. While their little one didn’t join them on their concert date night, it’s clear her parents are her biggest fans. Judging by the tweets ahead, fans are totally on board with this pure reaction. We love a supportive couple!

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