Brigitte Nielsen is applauding the father and son who are posting nude photos together on an OnlyFans account … saying when ya got it, ya might as well flaunt it!!!

We got the actress at Il Pastaio in Bev Hills and asked her about British OF model Jake Herbert, who says he’s making $40,000 a month just by posting naked pics alongside his pops.

Brigitte, who hails from Denmark, says it’s a European thing most Americans might not understand … explaining how nudity is not necessarily a sexual thing in Europe.

While she admits this OnlyFans account is certainly unique, she says her motto has always been to showcase beauty — even if that means Papa Bear and Baby Bear flaunting their goods … inches apart.

It doesn’t sound like Brigitte will be shelling out $10 a month to subscribe to Jake and his dad’s page, but she says anyone who has a problem with what these men are doing should just look the other way.

We also asked Brigitte if she would ever hop on the OnlyFans train … and let’s just say she won’t be posting any nudes with her father.

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