After a fake screenshot surfaced on social media that appeared to show Cardi B ‘liking’ an Instagram post that dissed Ariana Grande, the rapper responded in the BEST way!

Cardi B is NOT about to get embroiled in a FAKE feud. Over the weekend, a screenshot surfaced that seemed to show the rapper had ‘liked’ an Instagram post about Ariana Grande’s relationship history. Rather than let the gossip flow, though, Cardi took to Twitter to throw shade at the person who posted it. “Ya gotta do better with photoshopping,” she wrote. “the “y” is a little cut off in the corner. you kids need to find a hobby, LEAVE ME ALONE.” Upon further research, the person who posted the fake screenshot seems to be a huge Nicki Minaj fan, with several posts on their page showing support to the 35-year-old.

Of course, Nicki and Cardi are currently embroiled in an actual feud…and that one DID stem from an Instagram ‘like.’ Cardi caught wind that Nicki had apparently ‘liked’ a post about her parenting, and she confronted Nicki about it at a New York Fashion Week party in September. Things got pretty out of control between the women, and Cardi even threw a shoe in Nicki’s direction! Afterward, Nicki denied ever saying anything about Cardi’s child, while Cardi defended her decision to approach her nemesis in such a public way.

As for Ariana, she’s obviously going through a lot of her own at the moment. She recently ended her engagement to Pete Davidson after just four months, and the decision came in the aftermath of her ex boyfriend, Mac Miller’s, tragic death in September.

Ariana and Nicki have worked together on numerous occasions, and collaborated on one another’s albums that just came out this past summer. However, Cardi clearly wants to make it known that she has NO beef with the “God Is A Woman” singer just because of her affiliation with NickI!

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