Cardi B is making headlines for throwing her microphone at a fan in the crowd of a Las Vegas set over the weekend… but now her problems are getting bigger than just bad press!

As we’ve been reporting, Offset‘s baby momma was doing a show at Drai’s Beachclub in Sin City on Saturday evening when a fan hurled a cup of water and ice at her on stage. Cardi was surprised by the toss — even though moments before, she had asked fans to throw water on her. Maybe it was the solid pieces of ice she felt were too much? In any case, she immediately hurled her mic back at the fan! HARD!

Well, now the s**t is hitting the fan, too. Not just the mic!

According to TMZ, the woman involved in the mic-tossing incident walked into a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department precinct on Sunday to file a complaint against the rapper. In her claim, the woman confirmed being hit by a mic thrown from the stage.

Judging by the ample video evidence that has come out from the incident, there’s no question who threw the mic — it’s clear as day. But the question is whether police will pursue charges against the Bodak Yellow rapper. Per the outlet, Cardi has been “listed as the suspect” in the battery report, but it doesn’t appear the LVMPD has filed official charges. Yet…

One other interesting follow-up of note regarding the mic toss: the Sunday complaint claims the microphone struck MORE THAN ONE woman. According to the filing, the mic hit the drink thrower first. It then “ricocheted and also hit another woman standing next to her,” per the outlet. It’s not clear right now which woman went to the cops, or if that distinction would even matter with any potential legal follow-up.

Speaking of which, this possible criminal case is in addition to any lawsuit the fan might file. Frankly we’d guess the woman has a pretty strong case — and folks love to sue someone with money!

Regardless, there are clearly still some things to play out here. Pretty wild! What happens in Vegas ain’t staying in Vegas this time! That’s for sure!

Do U think Cardi deserves to catch a battery charge on this one tho, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF with your take on the matter down in the comments (below)…

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