A generous amount of gold covers Cardi B’s body on the cover art for her latest track, ‘Money.’ If you think Cardi can’t surprise you anymore, wait until you see this picture. 

If you think hands covering nipples is groundbreaking, you haven’t met Cardi B. The 25-year-old singer gave that same pose seen in many NSFW shots a surprising twist for the cover art of her newest single, which she posted to Instagram on Oct. 22. Instead of leaving her arms bare, she dressed them in gold watch gloves by Christian Cowan to shield her boobs! It was an appropriate choice for the cover art of her upcoming single, considering it’s called “Money.” The “I Like It” singer topped off the look with an all-metal chain hat by Laurel DeWitt and Versace heels. Leave it to Cardi to flaunt three designer names and a generous amount of skin at the same time. See the jaw-dropping picture, shot by Jora Frantzis, below!

We hope Cardi’s verses on the new track live up to the hype of her cover art! “Money,” which drops on Oct. 25, will be her first solo track since her debut album Invasion of Privacy came out in April. But her features have been holding their weight in the months since, which the music chart-topper was happy to point out. Cardi shared a screenshot from Billboard’s Hot 100 chart that showed her song with Maroon 5, “Girls Like You,” dominate the list with the #1 rank! We’d wear nothing but gold gloves too, with those statistics.

Stripping to just your designer heels and gloves is brave, but Cardi shared an arguably more vulnerable picture to Instagram just three days before! She showed off her post-baby abs in a full-body shot on Oct. 19, revealing her pregnancy line that has stayed intact after giving birth to Kulture Kiari Cephus on July 10. The new mother asked fans how to get rid of the “black line,” but we think it’s a beautiful and natural symbol of motherhood!

At least there was a “Parental Advisory” label this time! Cardi never warns us of what wild fit or quote she’ll throw at us next. One day a Michael Costello gown will turn her into a Beyonce look-alike, and the next, she’ll say that “b****es with mustaches got good p***y.” We’ll anxiously wait Cardi to outdo herself in her next post!

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