In case you missed it, Carole “Definitely Didn’t Kill My Husband and Feed Him to Tigers” Baskin is competing on Season 29 of Dancing with the Stars. And in a move not even the world’s most seasoned internet troll saw coming, the family of her late husband Don Lewis took out a commercial during the premiere, asking viewers for tips about Don’s whereabouts. Which, uh, we can all agree is A CHOICE due to the entire internet remaining convinced that Carole killed Don—something she firmly denies.

The family of Don Lewis, the man many believe to have been murdered and fed to tigers by Carole Baskin, ran a commercial looking for justice for Don during tonight’s Dancing with the Stars premiere featuring Carole Baskin. WHATTA move.

Anyway, TMZ caught up with Carole in Los Angeles and wasted no time asking her about the commercial. Interestingly, she didn’t seem particularly upset, and instead said it would be “wonderful” if finding Don Lewis was a “side benefit” of her being on Dancing with the Stars. Oh, and she also fully walked away when asked if Donald Trump should pardon Joe Exotic, so go ahead and watch below:

This has been, as ever, 2020.

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