Paulie is ready to become the most cutthroat player in ‘Challenge’ history on this week’s episode of ‘Final Reckoning’ — and Britni is his first victim in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

Even after being eliminated and sent to the Redemption House, Paulie is still making waves on The ChallengeFinal Reckoning. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek from the July 31 episode, Paulie catches exes and Challenge partners, Britni and Chuck, making amends after a blowout fight. “She’s still in love with Chuck. Bingo,” Paulie concludes. “All the information that I can receive from this Redemption House is an advantage, because this game isn’t just physical — it’s mental. Any psychological edge I can get over my competitors, I’m going to take it and I’m going to use it.”

Considering Britni’s current boyfriend, Brad, is back in the main house, it’s seem that Paulie plans to use this information as psychological warfare against Brad and Britni in the future. After all, Brad is partners with Kyle, who is Paulie’s number one enemy in the house. We’ll have to wait until the full episode airs at 9:00 p.m. on July 31 to see if and how he goes about it, and whether or not it actually takes a toll on Britni or Brad’s games. The other cast members in the Redemption House have accused Chuck and Britni of having insane sexual tension since the beginning of the season, as well, although none of them devised plans to call them out for it in front of everyone else!

Paulie is a rookie on this season of The Challenge, but that hasn’t stopped him from quickly making waves. His flirtatious relationship with Cara Maria quickly caught her ex, Kyle’s, attention from the very first episode. Even though Kyle is hooking up with someone else (Faith), the whole situation immediately led to beef between the two guys.

“I tried to have a normal conversation with Kyle twice to put his mind at ease,” Paulie told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I was like — yo, man to man, focus on the game. I think we could work together and have a great relationship and a strong alliance. But he let the jealousy of Cara talking to me get to his head.”

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