With theaters being shut from more than a month, all the producers who have been awaiting to release their movies are under severe pressure. It looks like this will take more time than expected for things to turn into normalcy.

With this OTT platforms have decided to take things under their control. They have spoken to these producers who have scheduled their releases. OTT platformas have offered huge sum of amount to directly release their movies online.

It is said that Dil Raju too has got mind boggling offer of Rs. 35 Crore to release his upcoming film V which stars Nani, Sudheer Babu in lead roles. This is almost the budget that was spent on the film. Similar deals were made to other films as well. While most of them said no immediately Dil Raju has taken time to say his decision.

Dil Raju has made a lot of thought about this. Though he has theaters he also knows what is perfect at this current situation. So many thought that he might take his decision in favour of OTT platforms. But that is not the case. It is now revealed that Dil Raju has said no to them despite they offered more than what they offered initially. V will have theatrical release first.

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