Divya Drishti 15 September 2019 written update of full episode:

Tonight’s episode of Divya Drishti begins with PSachini enjoying the drama created by herself as Shergills have lost their minds. She heads to Devdi and waits for someone to come and reveal to her the names. Simran and Raashi decide to make things right by revealing everything to PSachini who asks them to bring them to her as names would not help her much.

Elsewhere, Divya, Drishti, and Romi are all confused and are wondering about the ingredient that PSachini uses to mix in the lassi. Romi reveals that PSachini gets the ingredient from outside and often her shoes are covered in red soil when she returns. Divya Drishti deduces that red soil can be found only in the garden, park or in the back yard. They decide to find the red soil. As Divya Drishti are about to leave they collide with Raashi and Simran. They take Divya and Drishti away.


PSachini is waiting for Simran and Raashi to bring those two powerful girls to her. Meanwhile, Rakshit is attacked by Kaal Devta who asks him to reveal if he has really lost his memory or if he is acting. PSachini is getting impatient whereas Rakshit is tortured by Kaal Devta. Romi comes to Simran, Raashi and Divya and takes them away saying Mahima is dying. He asks Divya to hide. Divya comes to know about Raashi and Simran’s plan. Romi rebuffs Simran and Raashi’s behavior. Chetan. Ojaswini and Mahima scold Simran and Raashi.

Elsewhere, PSachini learns about the attack on Rakshit. She questions Kaal Devta about it. He threatens PSachini to come up with a plan to get those two out in open which leaves PSachini furious. Drishti brings Rakshit home. Divya Drishti looks for Rengili. PSachini comes to the Shergills and yells at them. She desperately tries to get the names out from those. Divya and Drishti spot Rengili eating modaks. They plan to trap her.


Divya Drishti 14 September 2019 written update: Divya Drishti’s smart move infuriates PSachini

PSachini says that she will treat whoever brings the names or hint about the two powerful entities to her with a lassi. Chetan asks others not to fear about PSachini. Elsewhere, Divya Drishti creates a trap for Rengili with the help of a jar and sugar who falls for it. Divya Drishti heads out to find the red soil and the ingredient after trapping Rengili.

PSachini makes lassi and calls the Shergills. She wonders where Rengili is. Divya Drishti finds the tree with the red soil. Divya and Drishti uproot the tree with their magic after much difficulty. As they are about to leave, the tree gets back up and Divya, Drishti are shocked to find the tree back in its place. They wonder how can it be so? In the Shergill house, PSachini puts forth a plan to find those two helpers with the help of Rakshit. They dance away during the visarjan on Dhagala Lagali.


PSachini looks for clues and wonders where Lambu Seth and his wife are. She wonders if they both are Shergills’ saviours. She heads out to find them. Divya spots her and they both leave. Rengili escapes as the jar breaks as a result of a hurry. Divya Drishti comes back in Shergill house. PSachini asks the guests to leave. She asks Lambu and Piyali to get lassi. Romi throws the glass full of lassi. The earth starts quaking. PSachini and others are shocked. It is then revealed in a flashback that Divya and Drishti found a way to destroy the magical tree with the help of Rahasya tara.

PSachini is furious to find Rengili as the cause of it. She decides to teach the Shergills a lesson. But before she could do anything the Shergills harass her. She is shocked to find everyone back to being young again. Divya, Drishti reveal their true form in front of PSachini. With that, the episode ends.

Preview: Rakshit defends PSachini in front of Shergills and Divya Drishti. PSachini plots her next move against Divya Drishti.

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