Men, you wouldn’t want to miss learning about Brahmastra actor Gurfateh Pirzada‘s getting-handsome regime. 

And the unique formula behind the actor’s shiny good looks is not very expensive or complex. 

Gurfateh, who was described as a ‘quintessential modern Indian man’ by designer duo Timir Savla and Samira Lavekar, for whom he walked the ramp for the designer duo as a showstopper at Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI in Mumbai, says it takes a lot to be fit and fabulous all the time.

“I try to be myself and stay as real as I can,” he earnestly tells‘s Mayur Sanap. His fashion advice for men is: “Don’t try to be too manly. Just relax and chill. Don’t stress. Focus on skincare and groom yourself.” 

Gurfateh has a routine to achieve his glowing complexion. Three must-have products in his beauty kit are: “Night mask. Eye cream. Toner. I also make a point to remove my make-up before going to bed.” Did ya hear that, guys? No kohl in bed.

Is there a sure-shot way to Gurfateh’s dil?

“Be real. I don’t like pretentious people. I put out my life out there (on social media). (But refrain from putting up) everything, like intimate pics. For people who like me and my work, I want them to know who I’m as a person.”

Scroll down for men’s wear inspiration for the upcoming season from Gurfateh and other looks from designers Timir Savla and Samira Lavekar’s models at Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI.




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