Actor Amit Sadh is currently the centre of much attention as his latest digital film Barot House has just hit the web. The actor has been receiving rave reviews for his performance as a wrecked father in the Zee5 original. “We knew that we have made a good film, but had no idea that the response would be such huge,” an elated Sadh exclaimed. Sadh further gushed about how the film was a topic of discussion at a bike party attended by him in Delhi. The actor got into an exclusive conversation with BollywoodLife talking about his recent hit and upcoming projects. Here are the excerpts from the conversation:

Not a part of Shakuntala Biopic

BollywoodLife was the first to report that Amit Sadh could be a part of the Shakuntala Devi biopic. However, the actor clarified that he is not a part of the project. “No I’m not a part of the movie.” We asked him if he has rejected the movie, and he replied, “I haven’t said no to the movie.”

Next, I want to do a big movie with a meaty role

Amit who was last seen in Super 30, revealed that he has no project in his hands currently. “I don’t have any film in my kitty right now,” he shared. However, the actor is quite clear that his next one has to be a big project. “The next film I do will be a big film. I want to do a big film with a meaty role in it. And until I don’t get a big movie I won’t do it. Sometimes for that, you have to wait, so I’m waiting. I’m not in a rush to sign anything. I want to do something challenging. I want to hear a story that will make me go crazy.”

Not ambitious only hungry

As the conversation continued, Amit revealed his ambitions are quite different. “I’m not ambitious but I’m hungry,” he said, “I want to maintain the hunger and not ambition. And that hunger wants me to wait to take the challenge. My only ambition is to ace a character. I hope after reading this interview somebody calls.” Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the actor is detached to his movie’s results. “If my movie doesn’t do well, I’ll be sad. However, my engagement is different.”

Don’t believe in stardom

Amit shared how he loves the process of filmmaking and even promotions. “In fact, I even love promoting my movies, unlike other actors. I like interacting with people, journalists. I’m in for the process not for the stardom,” he said. When asked if he has no aspirations to be a superstar, he retorted, “I don’t believe in stardom. When you work hard, and you are consistent, you win a place in the industry and people’s heart. You automatically achieve stardom.”

An ordinary man

If one scrolls through Amit’s Instagram account, you’ll find his posts that heavily incline towards the philosophical side. Talking about this side of his, Amit shared, “I want people to know I’m an ordinary man, and not anyone special.” He further went ahead to explain, “Everyone is pretty equal. Therefore, I speak openly about it. Just because I’m an actor that doesn’t make me special. I’m just doing my job, for my livelihood. Even a banker and doctor works. I want people to know that I have the same problems that they go through. The only difference is that I don’t give up. I always sing Hum Honge Kamyaab.”

No fake positivity

Amit who comes across as a positive persona, confessed, “I have a certain positivity in my life.” Talking about this positive side of his, Amit shared an instance wherein an actress early in his career asked if his positivity is fake. “I didn’t answer her then. We met recently a few years ago and she said Amit the positivity isn’t fake and I was like you are looking for negativity in my positivity,” he chuckled. When asked where does he imbibe his positivity from, he said, “I have the will and hope in me in abundance.”

Problems in personal life?

Recently, reports were rife that Amit who was seeing Annabel DaSilva, has broken up with her. When we asked the Kai Po Che actor about it, he subtly declined to talk about his personal life. “Let’s just talk about movies, it is a positive phase. I only want to talk about my work and don’t want to talk about my personal life.”

Amit Sadh will be seen in India Strikes Back and Breathe 2 next.

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