First comes love, then comes marriage…will Faith Evans and Stevie J have a baby in the carriage soon? The two dished on possible family plans, and how their ‘spontaneous’ wedding wasn’t so spontaneous.

“There was always a love there,” Faith Evans, 45, said about Stevie J, 46, when speaking for the first time since their surprise wedding, per TMZ, “but I never saw him in a romantic way in all of our years of a friendship. … a couple years ago, I was single, we were working together, and y’know, I felt a little something-something.” Well, is there going to be a little “something-something” growing inside Faith’s belly? When TMZ asked if Faith and Stevie were going to try to have kids, Faith shot back: “why did you say try?”

“I mean, I’m pretty fertile,” she said, practically saying she’s willing to have another bun in her oven. “We obviously know [Stevie] is too. He ain’t shooting blanks.” Uh, that’s an understatement. Stevie has six kids with five different women, and that number may increase even before he and Faith have a baby. Instagram model Misha Perry, 20, claims she’s six months pregnant with his child. “Happy Fathers’ Day from us to you Stevie 10/08/18,” she posted to Instagram on June 17, including a video of her growing belly.

Will Misha’s claims throw a wrench into Stevie’s new marriage? Considering “messy drama” and “Stevie J” go hand-in-hand, Faith’s fine with her new husband’s alleged past — at least, enough to get married to him out of the blue. Speaking of this surprise marriage, Faith said that while it did come out of nowhere, the two had talked about getting married years ago when they first dated. “[Getting married] was spontaneous in that two weeks before that, neither one of us was like ‘in two weeks, I’mma be married to [you.]’ But it’s not like we haven’t talked about that before.”

“He went to Vegas for a business meeting and I went with him. We’ve been to Vegas – we were actually talking about going to plenty of places to get married,” she added. “But we were in Vegas and he was like, and I was like, and ‘we don’t have to wait until we go to such and such.’ ” After finding someone to officiate, the two exchanged vows and voila! They became man and wife. From the sounds of it, it won’t be long before they’re “mommy and daddy.”

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