The former ‘Teen Mom’ star divides fans after she posts a video of her only daughter getting two more piercings, bringing her total to 6, to celebrate the teen’s birthday.

AceShowbizFarrah Abraham has to deal with parenting police once again, this time over her daughter’s new accessories. For Sophia Laurent Abraham’s 14th birthday, the reality TV star let her daughter get new piercings that bring her total to 6 so far.

On Wednesday, February 22, the mother of one posted on Instagram a video of her daughter getting a snakebite and earlobe piercing. “HAPPY 14th Birthday!” she captioned the video. “#snakebite & #earlobe piercing party! 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match vour snake (cake emoji),” she continued. “can you even eat your cake?” she added.

Farrah earned mixed responses in the comments. “Why just why ?!?” a baffled user asked. Another claimed, “Those piercings on her lip are forever scars…later she’s gonna wish her mom didn’t let her get those!! My daughters thanks me all the time for having said no to her now that’s she’s 22!!!” A third critic said, “Not sure who’s the parent and who’s the child here. I’m a parent of a 14 year old son. His priorities are school and homework not piercings.”

Someone elaborated on the reason why they disagree with Farrah’s decision. “Why are we ok with this? I know I’ll cop a lot of hate for this but she’s 14! Yes piercings can close up and heal perfectly, but where is the line drawn? Where is the innocence of being 14 gone?” the said person explained. “Maybe I’m old school, maybe I’m wrong but I feel like by allowing our children to dictate to us what they do is removing any parental rights we have. I’m all for supporting your children and guiding them accordingly.. but seriously – where is that line?! I’ve been a fan of yours Farah since day one but as a mum I can’t agree with your allowances and justifications with Sophia! I’m sorry.”

A supportive fan commented on the post, “Teenage me wished my parents would have been okay with this. I love supporting what makes her happy.” Another remarked, “I’m not the biggest Farah fan, but I will say one thing I can appreciate about her is she allows Sophia the freedom to express herself, alot of ppl saying its too young however we were piercing each other’s belly buttons with safety pins in the bathroom at school at 13.”

Also defending the “Teen Mom” alum, a third fan said, “So many teens had a goth phase and piercings aren’t permanent. Some of y’all are doing too much, let the girl express herself.” Someone else similarly argued, “Piercings aren’t forever. It is a phase people. Let young people be young.”

Farrah is no stranger to facing criticism for her parenting methods. Back in February 2022, she also earned backlash for letting daughter Sophia get a septum piercing for her 13th birthday.

Defending her decision, the 31-year-old said at the time, “Sophia is the first in my family to get a septum piercing, especially at 13. So I would rather [it was done by] a professional, sanitized and clean than my teen going, sneaking out to get it herself.” Farrah admitted that she “wasn’t for it,” but stressed, “I’m doing my best as a parent to make sure that she’s healthy and happy and I cover those bases.”

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