In this hilarious ‘Floribama Shore’ sneak peek, Codi joins the guys for a gym session and shows off just how out of shape he is. Watch the EXCLUSIVE preview here!

As usual, Jeremiah Buoni and Gus Smyrnios are headed to the gym on the July 30 episode of Floribama Shore, but this week, they’re bringing a special guest — Codi Butts! It’s no secret that Codi is not gym-obsessed like his roommates, but he decides to give it a try, and things go just about how you would expect. Needless to say, the gym session is far from easy for Codi, who even jokes that his usual workout is nothing more than lifting a 12 ounce beer can to his mouth. LOL!

Codi takes the whole thing in stride, though. Even though he’s drenched in sweat and red in the face by the time he’s done working out, he’s able to laugh it off and continue cracking jokes. At the end of the day, Codi embraces his dad bod, and points out that that kind of body is what the ladies are after these days anyway! Plus, despite the disastrous workout, Gus is still convinced that he’ll turn Codi into a “douchebag” like himself and Jeremiah. Ehhh…we’ll see about that!

Considering there’s been some tension between Codi and Jeremiah this season, it’s great to see them getting along for a guys’ day with NO drama. It’s safe to say that there WILL be more drama to come as the season continues — remember, last week’s episode ended with some sexual tension between Gus and Nilsa Prowant.

We’ll have to wait until this week’s episode airs to see how things pan out between the two, who almost got together last season, as well. Floribama Shore airs Mondayson MTV at 10:00 p.m.

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