Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher went from “General Hospital” to a generally passed-out drunk guy who had a little too much and needed to sleep one off — so say cops in Southern California.

Burbank PD tells TMZ, the longtime soap actor was arrested Friday at the airport after cops were notified of a dude snoozing on the ground near the American Airlines terminal … which the officers suspected might’ve been alcohol-related.

We’re told when the officers approached Christopher and woke him up, he told them he’d missed his flight. That apparently wasn’t a good enough explanation for them though — ’cause the cops ended up cuffing and booking him for public intoxication.

We’re told Christopher displayed clear and objective signs of intoxication … and he was unable to care for himself. Our sources say that was reason enough to bust him.

Tyler Christopher

It’s unfortunate to see him in this sitch … as he was arrested for something very similar a few years ago when he got thrown in jail for passing out in the back of an Uber … and the driver claimed he’d even urinated on himself too.

As for this airport arrest — Christopher was ultimately cited and released with a date to appear in court.

It’s the kind of drama Tyler’s character Nikolas Cassadine might land in on GH. Sadly, he doesn’t get to reshoot these scenes IRL.

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