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Marnie Simpson has dolled up for a party with her co-stars and Geordie Shore fans are all saying the same thing.

Fans are claiming Marnie looks has had a "glow up" and looks "incredible" in newly shared pictures and video from the party.

The Geordie Shore star went to her cousin and former co-star Sophie Kasaei's housewarming party on Saturday, with her husband and father of her son Casey Johnson.

Posting a video on Instagram showing their transformation from pyjamas to fully ready, Marnie said: "Mama & papa are out and it’s festival vibes over @kasabrook_ pass me a cocktail."

Bianca Gascoigne commented: "Unreal guys, like seriously!! Beautiful couple." While a fan said: "Best looking husband and wife ever."

Chloe Ferry also attended the party and posted pictures with both Sophie and Marnie on her Instagram page.

Even on Chloe's page, fans were still pointing out that Marnie looked beautiful, with one saying: "Marnies had such a glow up."

Another added: "Marnie is fire!" While a third commented: "Marnie you look stunning!!!"

One fan said: "Marnie looks beautiful so pretty." The Geordie Shore stars were together to Sophie Kasaei and Jordon Brook moving in together to 'Kasabrook.'

The couple first went public with their relationship at the end of last year in December 2020.

Just months later they revealed that they had found their dream home and that Sophie had made the decision to leave Newcastle to be down south with Jordan.

Marnie has previously hit back at trolls who have targeted her after she launched a weight loss programme and showed off her own results on social media last year.

The 31-year-old mum-of-two took to social media earlier this week to share how she was “feeling herself again” after losing over two stone and being in a “dark place”.

Speaking to the camera on her Instagram Story, Marnie said: "I wasn’t even gonna come on and mention this because I’ve honestly never been affected by trolls ever in my life, but because I’m getting messages from my close friends, you know what, I thought I’m just gonna come on and say…

“I am so sorry to all of them awful, unhealed, negative, unhappy people who are looking at my Instagram.

"It’s not my fault that you guys feel unhappy, that watching my Instagram and my weight loss journey is triggering you. It’s not my fault. Don’t like it? Don’t look at my page.”

Continuing, Marnie explained: “I’ve worked by a**e off. Mentally, physically, emotionally to change my whole life around. Got myself out of a dark place and I’m not gonna let any trolls dim my light.

“I deserve to be empowered about it, I deserve to spread motivation about it and I deserve to show off my results because I’ve worked damn hard and I’ve spent a long time being in a really unhappy place, probably like all you trolls.

“I can relate, I was probably feeling just as crap but at no point did I try and project that unhappiness on other people.

“I actually do feel so incredibly sorry for these unhappy people, because you must be so unhappy to take women down.

“If you don’t like me or you don’t like what I represent or you don’t like anything about me, just don’t watch my stuff. Don’t comment. Firstly, no-one cares.

"I’m so thankful of all the supporters that I’ve got. I’m so thankful of all the loyal, kind-hearted followers that I’ve got, because there are so many of you. I just feel like all you trolls really need to go and get some help.”

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